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Sustainable Supplier

At Love It Again Bridal, we are dedicated to incorporating sustainability into every aspect of our business.

Our dresses are sourced from various suppliers and organisations, all of which are preloved at source.

When you purchase a dress from us, you are not only saving it from landfill once, but twice. Many of our dresses have a story, before they even join our collection, so there is a strong chance, it has been saved thrice or more.

In the rare case that a dress has been altered beyond suitability for another bride, we donate it to charities that create gowns for angel babies, sustainable fashion designers who can repurpose it into a "new" wedding dress or other organisations, that may benefit from it’s use.

In so doing, we create a circular economy, extending the lifecycle of products and materials used. 

Where possible, we try to align ourselves with other businesses and suppliers, who promote or adopt, eco friendly practices.

Our commitment to sustainability extends to reusing old packaging made from recycled materials and choosing couriers with a focus on environmental responsibility for parcel deliveries - which in practice, are few and far between. 

We source much of our equipmente,g mannequins, storage boxes, display and other equipment second hand - where practical and safe to do so

We will never change the world on our own but we can be accountable for ourselves and our impact. By making these choices, we strive to minimize our environmental impact and contribute to a more sustainable future.

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