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About us

For most brides, one of the most important, if not “the” most important part of their wedding, is the journey to “yes to the dress”.

When buying preloved, sometimes the bridal experience, can often be forgotten but why compromise?

Our concept is a simple one. Whatever your reason for buying preloved, be it budget, sustainability or simply to be unique, we want to promote preloved as choice and not an option - whilst giving you the bridal experience you deserve.  

We want you to feel positive, confident and empowered about your choices, without feeling robbed or penalised for them.

At Love It Again Bridal, we do just that.

Dress shopping can sometimes be daunting but it really doesn’t have to be. Fat tums, big bums and everything in between. You are nature’s creation. Woven and weaved and authentically, uniquely and beautifully you.

We offer exclusive, appointment only consultations in a relaxed, intimate environment with a body positive approach.  Let’s have a chat and find out more about you. Who you are, your likes and dislikes and most importantly, what your dream dress and wedding day, look like for you.

If you prefer - for our local brides, we are more than happy to book a home consultation and bring some dresses with us, for you to try on.

Your show stopping journey to “yes to the dress” starts here and we are really looking forward to welcoming you.

Download our brochure:

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