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Your Questions answered

Are your garments altered?

Our stock is preloved and sourced from various different channels. In most cases, we are not given any background to the product and therefore we can only take the garment at face value. Unless it is obvious or we are told, we cannot know for certain, whether any alterations have taken place prior to our purchase. If you have any reservations, please do take advantage of our appointments system or video consultations prior to purchase.

Do you offer alterations?

We do not provide alterations ourselves but can refer you to a seamstress, for any alterations you may require. 
Please note that we cannot provide a refund for any garment, if you have have altered it or attempted to repair it yourself.


Your questions answered

Are all of your products dry cleaned?

No. Our products will only be marked as dry cleaned if we source them and they still have the dry cleaning label attached. 

Shoe Care

We like to think that we do not sell any preloved shoes that we would not be happy to wear ourselves. We undertake a shoe care programme for all of our shoes, which includes cleaning the soles to the best of our ability and removing any dirt should there be any. If we can do so without damaging the fabric or design of the shoe, we will then attempt to remove any marks from the outer of the shoe. Finally, we spray the inner of the shoe with an antibacterial/antifungal solution. Whilst we do our best to ensure the products are in good, clean, reusable condition, please note that these are preloved products and it will not be possible for us to remove every mark or scuff.

Do you wash all of your garments?

We do not wash or dry clean any of garments prior to resale however, we do steam all of our garments as they come in to stock. 
On rare occasion, we will wash products if we believe they require it or will remove the odd mark here and there as required however, we would like to think that we would not advertise any goods that were not in saleable condition.

Wedding Dresses

As with all of our wedding dresses, please expect to see some reasonable wear and tear, including marks to the bottom of the dresses, where they have been previously worn, hung or stored. If we are able to safely remove any marks without causing any damage to the dress, we will try to do so. Any specific information pertaining to each dress, is highlighted in the "conditions section" of our product pages.


Your questions answered

Are all your items preloved?

Yes. We obtain our items from numerous sources, including charity shop warehouses, ex hire stock and individuals. If a product is described as preloved with tags, we class it as new however,  it will still have belonged to somebody else, rather than sourced directly from a manufacturer.

Are your prices negotiable?

We sell our products at a fraction of the original retail price and therefore our prices are non negotiable. They are priced taking into consideration the condition, brand and quality of the item. Occasionally we will offer discounts and promotions. Should this apply, the item will marked as such.

Do you put items on hold for customers?

Unfortunately we cannot hold items for customers. Purchase is on first come, first served basis. We can reserve items by way of security deposit

Why do some of your products not have a fibre content/care label?

As we sell preloved goods, sometimes the original wearer has removed the label, usually because it causes irritation. We source our preloved products from a variety of outlets and it is not always possible, for us to to confirm that labels are in tact . However, where we are able to able to obtain that confirmation, we do so.  Preloved clothes for re-sale, do not need to be relabelled if their original labels for fibre content and other regulatory details have been lost/removed and it is not compulsory, to provide care instruction. However, this is considered best practice and where possible, we do our best to ensure that our preloved products do have care labels in tact.

Do you buy wedding dresses and other attire?

We are not a dress agency and therefore we do not sell attire on behalf of someone else in return for a commission. 
We tend to avoid 

Can we drop off merchandise that we would like to get rid of?

If you have wedding attire or related items that are simply in the way, on a case by case basis, we are happy to accept these. Anything that we cannot sell or store, will be donated to a charity of our choice. Please email us before hand to discuss.

Product grading

Preloved With Tags -
The same as Brand New With Tags but is of course preloved!
Excellent Condition -
An item we believe has not been used or worn but has no tag to imply it is new
Very Good -
Some reasonable wear and tear but overall, good useable condition and plenty of life left
Good condition -
Shows heavier signs of use but life left in the product

Why is the product I have received not exactly the same as on the website?

We endeavour to make sure that all images on our website, accurately portray the products however, our photographs are for illustrative purposes only and in some cases, owing to screen filters, lighting etc, items may look different to the photographs. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to make further enquiries, before you purchase the product.

Are all of your items displayed on your website?

At present, not all of the items we stock are displayed on our website. We are a small business and are always a work in progress. If you are looking for something specific and cannot see it listed in our shop, then please don't hesitate to email us. We are always happy to see if we have something suitable.


Your questions answered

Why do your items come shipped in second hand boxes?

As we sell preloved goods, it makes sense for us to follow that ethos through to as many areas of the business as is possible. For example, our studio garment carriers and mannequins are also preloved. We believe that reusing items, particularly packaging, should come naturally for everybody. It is also an economically viable solution for a small business. Therefore we reuse packaging where we can. We take care to ensure that any packaging we reuse, does not contain any personal information and is a suitable shipping solution, for the products you are purchasing. If we are unable to find suitable solution, then we will of course ship your products using new, appropriate packaging.

Do all of your wedding dresses come with boxes and garment hangers?

Our wedding dresses do not come boxed or with garment hangers unless otherwise stated. Wedding dress boxes are very large. Were we to ship these, a custom courier service would need to be used, which would cost considerably more, than our standard postage charges. 

Refunds and Returns

Please see our Store Policies section for further information


Your questions answered

Do you deliver outside of the UK?

Unfortunately we only deliver to the UK mainland at the current time.

Shipping Rates

Please see our Store Policies section for shipping information.

Payment Methods

We accept debit/credit card payments from all major brands: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Maestro and Paypal. 

Your payment takes approximately 7 days to process.

Cash and Manual payments - Love It Again Bridal accepts cash and bank transfers, for Instore transactions, off premises sales (not including website transactions) and Trade shows.

For more information, visit the Store policies section of our website.

Did we answer your questions? If not, get in touch with us for more details. We’ll be happy to hear from you!

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